BOOKING A INDiAN RAIL TICKET ONLINE ….. How to get ticket online without standing in queue……. INDIAN RAILWAY PAHARI ROOTS PAHADIBANDA

How to get Railway Ticket online 

We all know, how difficult it is to get a Indian rail ticket standing in queue outside railway reservation Centre, booking ticket online is also not so easy. so here i will tell you how to book Ticket online in easy steps.

First of all open IRCTC Portal in the web browser ( .

Register with Basic details and submit your Email ID . you will be assigned with a unique username password.
login with ithat username and password on the portal.
After login a reservation page will open where you have to fill up the details about your journey (Date, from -To, class)
Search result available trains during your day of journey will appear.
Select the Train which suits you choose the class as per availabilty ,after that fill up details of passengers(Name,age,sex).

Then click conform your Total billing amount will appear, choose payment option click proceed with payment

TIPS and tricks
Please Book the ticket within Ten minutes or your session will expire.

you can choose your berth prefrence if available you will get your prefered berth.

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