RAKH is a small village in the beautiful Kangra Valley. Almost every tourist bound to KANGRA
VALLEY Mainly people heading towards Palampur and AADI Himani chamunda passes from
near this village, but anyone hardly stops and goes to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of rakh.

fact, it is one of those hundreds villages in Kangra Valley, where life and natural beauties remain
isolated from the rest of the world. I was there in Rakh last month as it is my native place,I
stayed thier for 10 days. It was a great chance to explore the isolated corners of the kangra
My home is situated on the bank of a kulh(Kuhls are a traditional irrigation system in Himachal Pradeshsurface
channels diverting water from natural flowing streams) in the middle of nowhere .The location of
Rakh village is just perfect to enjoy the natural beauty- hills and kulhs everywhere and very nice

Dhauladhar view points there are lot of small terraced fields of rice, beautiful gardens of Tea all
the way. One crucial thing to enjoy the surroundings is the traveling season. I was there during
the monsoon, so everything was lush green and the weather was pleasant. Since it was the rice
cultivation season, the sighting of people working in the rice fields was very common. They were
ploughing, planting, working hard in the tiny rice terraces of Rakh.

Sometimes I have seen the
villagers carrying plucked Tea leaves on their head and climbing upside from the village.
The life in the villages is very tough. You have to fight against the nature to arrange your food
and water always. Although Government put an effort to make the drinking water and Ration
available through Fair price shops, but still you can see people climbing up on the high terrains
or walking 2-3 kms for the water. And people working in the fields for the food .
Interestingly, there is a Temple, known as shiv Baba Mandir Manimahesh, at Rakh village.

It is
not like a traditional Temple, but it is a small hill top,people thier say that water flowing thier in
kund comes from Manimahesh kailash(Chamba) taking Bath in this water cures all Diseases .
A proper restaurant or food joint is not available at the village. 2-3 small shops sell the stuff like
biscuits, chips and cold drinks. A small momo shop near the bus stand of Gopalpur-1km from
Rakh provides the delicious momos.
Overall, wondering around Rakh is an awesome experience, which will give you a pleasant taste
of the village life, away from the crowded towns.
How to Reach There?
RAKH is on the LINK road which starts from the village Gopalpur on DHARMSHALAPALAMPUR
Highway .It is 25kms away from Kangra, 32 kms away from Dharmshala-Gaggal
Airport and 26 kms away from Dharamshala. .
Kangra is 108 kms away from Pathankot,a major rail head. Narrow gauge trains run between
Pathankot and NAGROTA Bagwan and goes further up to Joginder Nagar.Chamunda Halt is the
nearest rail station. Sometimes these toy trains run too slow that you can even walk with them.
The train journey passes through the beautiful hills, small bridges along-with the large portion of
Pong Dam lake and nice view of kangra valley.

Where to Stay?
Hotels/Resorts are available nearby the village,Homestays option can also be tried.Other
nearby places to stay are Kangra, Palampur and Dharamshala. It hardly required 5-6 hours of
walk to explore around the village.
What to Expect?
Anything…! Don’t visit a small village in the Himalayas with any expectation. Just club a nature
walk around Rakh with your visit to Kangra, Dharamshala and McLeodganj. You can walk along
the terraced fields, in the Tea gardens and pass through a dense bushes while walking upwards
on the hill. It will definitely be a memorable experience.


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