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There are a lot of restaurants all over Himachal Pradesh which serve authentic pahari food for you to enjoy and imprint on your minds. So, if you are planning to go to the land of the majestic Himalayas for your next vacations, you should definitely give a try to these amazing dishes from Himachal Pradesh.


No festivities of Himachal are considered complete without Dham. It is a dish prepared by the Brahmins of the regions of Chamba by cooking red kidney beans (rajma), green lentils (moong daal) and rice in curd. It is served teamed with mash daal, boor ki kari and sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and jaggery (gur). It is traditionally served on plates made out of leaves.

                   MITHA BHATH

Mittha as the name suggests is a local dessert of Himachal Pradesh. It is prepared with sweetened rice mixed with a generous helping of raisins and other dry fruits.


Babru is like a Himachali variation of the popular kachoris. It is made by stuffing soaked and ground black gram daal paste to kneaded dough patties. These patties are then rolled and deep fried and served with tamarind chutney.


Sidu is a local bread made from wheat flour. The flour is kneaded and set aside for some hours for the yeast to settle and the dough to rise. This dough is put on direct flame of bonfire to be par-cooked and then later steamed to complete the cooking. This distinct bread is usually enjoyed with ghee or butter alone or can be savoured with mutton or daal as well.

             CHANA MADRA


Madra is a form of yoghurt and chickpea flour based gravy popular in pahar cuisine. Chana Madra is one such dish made with kabuli chane or white chickeas cooked in the gravy seasoned with  assorted spices, ginger, garlic and onions.

                  TUDKIYA BHATH

Tudkiya Bhath is the authentic pulao of Himachal Pradesh that pahadi people cook in their own very style. What’s unique? The dish is not only cooked with Indian spices but an extra add up to the lentils, potatoes and yoghurt along with onion, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom provides this dish such a great taste that will make you want it again and again. For the best taste, Tudkiya Bath is complemented with mash dal and few drops of lime juice.



                  CHHA GOSHT

If you are a hard-core vegetarian then nothing can serve you better than Chha Gosht. A typical Himachal delicacy, Chha Gosht is a scrumptious dish prepared with the marinated lamb which is further cooked in the gravy of gram flour and yogurt.The taste of this dish is highly enhanced when it is well cooked in the Indian spices such as cardamom, red chili powder, coriander powder, bay leaf, asafoetida and ginger-garlic paste.

                 ALOO PALDA

This easy recipe can serve you a meal in minutes. Potatoes cooked in a creamy yogurt gravy – it’s as simple as it gets.


A simple but flavourful dish of pumpkins with mustard seeds.




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